The People's Co-Op


Tshwane Community  Co-Op is a Community based Co-Operative Financial Institution (CFI). The CFI is owned by it's members who have a common bond.

How Does it Work?

  1. The CFI is a co-operative that is  wholly owned by it's members. Members have an equal say in how the CFI is run.
  2. The institution is a democratically  owned institution with each member enjoying equal rights to vote (one member one vote).
  3. Tshwane Community Co-Op encourages savings and offer high interest rates to it's members.
  4. The CFI also provides responsible credit and other services to it's members at a fair rate.
  5. The CFI has fewer and lower fees than those of banks and Members will receive dividends on  the profits generated by the CFI
The advantage of being a member of Tshwane Community Co-Op is that you can easily access your funds,  earn high interest rates, and apply for loans. Whether you want a personal loan, invest money, buy insurance, and more. 
Tshwane Community Co-Op is able to take deposits  from it's members as well as offer loans to it's members. Members have an equal say in how the CFI is run. The membership fee to become a fully paid member in Tshwane Community Co-Op is R 500. This amount does not need to be paid as a once-off deposit and can be paid in instalments. 
The CFI offers an annual 8% compound interest on savings, 9% on a 12-month fixed deposit, and 11% on a 24-  month fixed deposit.


Transafrica Group  

Transafrica Group

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8 1st Street
Menlo Park

Vision Direct 155 Pty Ltd trading as Transafrica 2010/008011/07

We are a Financial Service Provider - FSP: 21200